Tropical Paradise Barnacle Flat Starfish

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palm trees. salty breeze. sandy toes. sunkissed nose. paradise.

The Tropical Paradise Barnacle Flat Starfish is created by melting optical tubes of amber and white color into the molten glass. Then a pale aqua green color is added to the bottom and a thick layer of clear glass is added to the top, making the starfish optical and appear almost wet.

In the glass making process, the optical tubes of color begin as a mass of molten glass on the end of a metal rod. Unique color patterns are added to the glass, then it is stretched into pencil thick cane. After cooling for a day, the cane is cut to reveal cross sections about a quarter inch long. Finally, the cane is arranged on a hot plate to be melted into the starfish.

This is a flat starfish, and it will rest on a surface with no legs bent over the side. 

It is about 5" in diameter.