peacock glass vase by john gibbons

Peacock Vase

peacock glass vase hand blown by john gibbons green blue black

I used to see peacocks walking through Birdwell Park in Chico, CA. I graduated from Chico State with a BFA in art glass in 2009. About 5 years later, I created the Peacock Vase.

I developed the vase by combining one of the most popular starfish colors with an optical mold and classic shape. It is this perfect combination of form, color and pattern.

I create the Peacock Vase by layering three colors and then blowing the molten bubble into a bronze mold. The mold separates the color, trapping a clear bubble in the center. This creates the illusion of eye spots, similar to the tail feather of a peacock. In each eye spot there is a clear glass lens that magnifies the pattern of this perfectly symmetrical vase. 

This is one of my favorite vases to make. And I love the finished product because when the light bounces off it, the vase is an earthy green, but when you hold it into the light (and the light goes through the vase), it is a yellowy-pink gold. 

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Watch a video of how I create these beautiful vases: