Copper Red Glass Chandelier

Copper Red Glass Chandelier

In 2020, I was commissioned to build an Art Deco inspired chandelier. It consists of three pendant lights surrounding a 16" bowl with antique brass hardware. The client wanted a statement lighting fixture, so I suggested using a combination of colors that looks earthy blue without lighting and copper red when illuminated.

I hung it up temporarily from a joist in my shop to see how the finished chandelier would look. When the chandelier is illuminated, you can really see that diamond color pattern. To create that pattern, I layered blue colored glass on top of red, then dropped the hot glass into a brass mold with pyramid shapes jutting out. This gave the bubble a symmetrical pattern which looks very optical when blown out. 

Check out this video to see how I made this chandelier.

I really like how this chandelier turned out. I was going for an Art Deco design, but I feel like it turned into more of a Mid-Century Modern design. Whatever category you put it in, I think we can all agree it is gorgeous.

Here it is, hanging in my client's home. 


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