Aqua Vase

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Measures: 11.5 in tall x 5.25 in wide

This hand-blown glass vase was created by first rolling a molten clear bubble of glass through a layer of pale green glass chunks that are about the size of rock salt and then rolling it though similar sized aqua powdered glass. 

The next step is to blow the bubble into a aluminum optic mold that has 12 triangular ribs on the inside of it. The ribbed bubble is heated and twisted to create the vortex spiral. Another layer of molten clear glass is gathered on the bubble and then blown into an amphora shape.

The final move is to put another metal rod on the bottom and brake it off the blow pipe. The bubble is then heated and opened into the vase with rods of graphite and wet newspaper. When finished, the vase is placed into a 950 degree oven to cool slowly overnight. Liquid safe.

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